Business coaching that moves you
and your company forward

The key to building a successful, profitable company lies in optimising the capability and cohesion of the Leader and Leadership Team.

I coach Chief Executives, Managing Directors, General Managers, Presidents and Executive Directors to achieve this crucial combination, helping them realise their aims with less effort and greater satisfaction.

But the way I work is not about tree hugging, or academic theories - instead, I apply practical, proven approaches developed over many years of my own successful commercial experience with a wide spectrum of UK and international clients.

Before I started to practice as a coach over twenty years ago, my background included board-level appointments as HR Director and then Managing Director for international companies, a blend of very different disciplines.

All of which is why, by working with you face to face and virtually by telephone and email, I can shine a light on the factors which might be holding you, your team and your company back from achieving the results you want.

Giving you the kind of illumination that translates into significant revenue and profit growth.



As coach to several high potential directors, John has built strong, trusting relationships. He's raised their self awareness and understanding, enabling them to grow as leaders, whilst also strengthening their contribution to the executive team.

John has a broad commercial background and he's quickly learnt the nuances of our business.  He's facilitated several top team meetings, invariably achieving the outcomes we wanted with high interaction and a sense of ease.

John has the respect of the CEO and the entire executive team and is considered one of our most valued advisers